Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Coach appointed

Now after all I've been through after many times of coach switching...
I believe its again time to change to another coach!
However ofcourse it will be good for a lot of reasons...
Fairoz Izni...developments sprinters coach is now appointed as National squad elite coach..
as an assistant for John Beasley.
The coach I had trained under to set a Malaysian record since 2006 until today.
With the help of both John and Fairoz I think I am more focused and happy.
That most things are falling into place...
Finally god answered my prayers.
I will give my full comitment to prove that I am going to make a strong comeback.
It's to determind on how I feel,
how much I still want it inside myself.
I hope this feelings stay strong within myself to achieve what I really want for this year.
I have been aiming this as because there weren't any other major races available.


Tyazizul said...

good luck babe...all the best
Olympic awaits!

bicyclecrazy said...

Thank you but
one step at the time:)

Anonymous said...

wah amoi,

bawah fairoz ka...semoga u in one piece. hahahhaha...


bicyclecrazy said...

thank you