Thursday, May 7, 2009

If only

if only I was still little ,
when i make a mistake,
I can just cry and everything will be okay.
If only i can reverse time,
to patch everything back.
If only I am more patient
when I make a move.
If there's a way to make you happy,
I would.
If there's a way to be happy,
I would try.
but right now i cant think of one.
If I am free ,with loads of money.
I would go somewhere,
far far away where no one can find me.
I need to really think.
To think of what i really want.
I know i want to ride my bike,
but how am I will all this stress.
If only I feel happy.
I am lonely and sad.
I want to be alive like usual...
Right has been 1month
since I have been crying.
I am so tired,
god please let me feel free and happy.
let all the evil go.
If only I can be satisfied with everything
i would be the happiest person on this planet.


Anonymous said...

tuhan maha adil..
as u told me b4..

bicyclecrazy said...

I think god is......

sandy said...

everyone is stressed with sth sometime. not only you, so by some means, you are not alone.
dont worry alot, just try to go through of it, once u are done, u have learnt alot..skill n pround of urself uracca^_^ u r awesome.
heard a joke, the opposite word of stressed is desserts. so which means to overcome stress just grab some dessert..hehe,,just a joke, let's not follow that way..
uracca....ahh,,,dont want u be unhappy..
plz god bless you