Wednesday, October 15, 2008

3days at work n to Hanoi

Basically i just came back...3days ago...mayb 4 tobe almost accurate...
I m at work...rode a lil...not much and I have to be racing again. It's really nice to work.
I feel so happy working actually....I cant wait to b a successful person if life...well at least i know i will be someday. I also hope with my determination I will do good for Hanoi trip. Bangkok was a really good reminder to me that with determination, strong will and enough of rest I will perform. Also its important to be always happy....without stress...when u're happy you will perform,so be happy and enjoy.
As days goes by I see the future lies bright ahead of me
when the wind blows,
I know my courage stays n my mind goes.
To wherever it wil be someday I will know.
It's time that will determined everything;
but somehow for something to happen,
work hard to be done.
Miracles do happen but
never does without a pray or a wish;
Now there life goes on and on...

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