Thursday, October 30, 2008

1st day of Perlis Open

just done with racing...tough my menses havent been training enough...

had bread for lunch and yeo's soya bean...nice..sounds light but lasted me.m still not hungry yet.

story was i brokeaway and it split up frm the group...was happy...later azian,kim and another vietnamese joined us which was me and vietnamese as well. the race went out with msians doing so much work and vietnamese who doesnt want to corporate..not sure of their intention but certainly i was doing so much work and wanting to help them but they dont want doesnt matter right?in the end azian asked me to go as the vietnamese did not want to work....i went n azian came along...just like any other most of the race we both reached the finish line together once she did alot more work i said...for her to take the m so exausted just had shower.....n clothes to the worries, bike feels abit different obviously but what a good start 1st day on the bike and i still manage, proves its all in the head!!!

1 comment:

venkat said...

nice to see on victry stand.
but its better if i see on 1st.