Tuesday, January 12, 2010

recumbent bicycles

is the next thing i want to try:)
sounds interesting and the speed really is what that attracts me a lot..
when I have a chance to do it someday.....
I will share my views about it....
right now what i really need is lie on bed and just hybernate..
I also played ultimate frisbee for the first time in my life..
It was indeed something real...
I need more practice tho to improve the angle i throw and yes I do need more concentration when doing something!
I need to focus......I realized when I do focus i aim better.
I am meeting Amelia cheh2 tomorrow..
I cant wait and baby kishen!!!


ameleea said...

it's baby Rishyen lar my dear...can't wait to see u too...XOXO

bicyclecrazy said...

lol..yea i realised:P