Saturday, December 26, 2009

Three Idiots...the movie

It was a hindi movie I watch yesterday..
with three friends..
Omer,Umer and Altamash..
the meaning of umer@omer apparently means AGE>...
so I understood them as ageing..
and Altamash means Kind@leader...something like that..
with my respect is said as..alampana..
so Altamash alampana:)lol..
anyway we has kebab my favorite one in front of mentari and was great...
right after we headed to Pyramid and bought movie tickets....
This movie actually awakens parents on not to force their children into something that they are not interested in.
It also teaches that...studying does not mean memorizing....
which is how some people are...
no understanding but....just purely memorize.
BUt its when u memorize that u forget 1word and you are totally screwed!
I learn that for my guiding speech...
I remember the points and I just spoke....
when u have your points its possible to elaborate......
well after the movie they had a smoke,I sat on the Ogawa massage chairs while waiting at 3am...
the guards came to me saying..
u cant sit here i said ok..jsut waiting for my friends to smoke..
and once they saw me at the door and wanted to close...the door.
i ask are u closing?
coz we want to go to the car from this door...and they are still smoking!
the guard saw them and say nevermind la its ok..
he told his friend that the door is spoild..m not sure really or he got scared seeing those
hilarious...coz he was ssshhhuuuuying me away until he saw them:P
anyway woke up this morning to get nai n yea breakfast then..
back to bed..texted omer no reply so i figured...just cont sleeping..
was so sleepy anywayz..
then omer text saying its ok coz...
his cousin would b back to hotel in the evening only!
n now here i am awake

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