Friday, December 11, 2009

Cherating arrives

After we arrived and finally got our room we went to the beachside...
Discussing on where to stay...
Omer very excited with his new toy at a hotel we were thinking off...
peaceful &happy
Dont know what was this about....

SO finally exams are over....
i got an honourable pass...
which is 2ranks lower than the highest...I am to be higher in my degree now.
And finally the day awaited for..Cherating?!?
has finally arrived.
WE(Jeanie,Ali,Omer) drove from K.L to Cherating.
Omer...was asking the whole way how long more do we have to drive?
when are we reaching?Maybe we should go back.
Ate 3packs of chips and chocolates...
Jeanie was 80% of the journey asleep!
Oh ya Omer,he finished up Jeanie's Merci Chocolates.
And today during lunch he was telling us that he is eating less these days.LOL..
Ali he just laughed at everything...and he drove after me..what a relief..
After when we reached Cherating area again i took over the wheel..
thinking of where to stay...we went to this resort by the name of Rubi's resort.
It's at the entrance at Clubmed just that it goes to the 5am it was sooo eerrie..
I am never going there.ever again!!!
another place we surveyed was this place called...Bali resort i think..
It was so scary...i thought that I was going to die..:(
but i survived huh..hmm
too many pictures we took...all over
Spend the whole morning sleeping...
Omer snored like a PIG>...i couldnt sleep after even with a pillow covering my ear!it was that loud okay..
Drove to look for food, to look for another hotel on tomorrow night!!!
so many stuff..hmm...
so yea it was alot of here n there..hehe
I loved it today coz finally we got to the beach:D
and now...I am waiting for my turn to shower....chill and....stinking...

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