Thursday, July 31, 2014

bicycle touring

Cycling indeed is an exciting activity..
I would be exploring KL city car free road ride this sunday.
In future plan to tour with tourist throughout malaysia.
It would be an exciting assignment for me.
Anyone interested in touring Malaysia and need some help on where to go?
Do drop me an email at
Visit the local Malaysia villages and try local food.
This would be labelled as truly Malaysia because you see more than just a city

Thursday, July 24, 2014

I miss my bicycle

Just as we speak I think of riding
Being fit and riding, not necessarily racing but I miss cycling.
I shall find ways to ride again although I have a son, it has to be longer hours on the bike with less
Cycling is a really good form of exercise, anyone that loves to ride always thinks back to I wish I am still riding at some point.
It is truly an addictive sport, well the speed is such a thrill and so much pleasure indulge.
Pain is temporary they say but glory last forever.
I would say Pain is short term but satisfaction is forever.
I want more more ..bicycle rides anyone with kids out there?
If only there were a group of parents that loves cycling and rides with their kids wouldn't that be fun?