Wednesday, June 6, 2012

my 2012 cycling so far

I have been so slow in my updates...cycling is part of me but since i started work, it's so hard to fit it in. I wonder how long will this last? I need my exercise. This year January started being more active in weekend rides but would never consider myself consistent. Did my first long ride with BJCC beginning this year a loop of broga was it jantan or pondan, I don't recall... The 2nd long ride with with P2k to Melaka sometime around april or was it March? Thanx to them I did Sri Petaling to Melaka, crazy huh? After lacking from riding them obviously eventually went on without me but that was 30km to Melaka town. So it was alright..but throughout the way some of the P2K guys actually waited for me, very rare but yes they did. It was a very short and fun outing however on the way back, i did only about 80-90km and went into the car. Without sufficient training I did suffer a lot. Like really alot! About a month ago there was the interstate ride from Kajang-Kuala Pilah-120km Kuala Pilah-Muar-130km Muar-Pulai-160/170km It was a very fun ride throughout ,people all along to hop on. Nothing to be worried at all. After interstate soon were assignments handup, final examinations and now internship. There is no time for cycling,until this weekend, I might again. Addicted but also restricted ;S

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