Monday, March 28, 2011

Goodbye Uncle Yeoh Phee Keong(PK)

I know many cyclist but this uncle, he is always very humble and sempoi.
I heard a cyclist passed away on mex highway.
I thought not again? But didn't pay attention until I saw it on facebook Stupe's post.
It says Yeoh PK. Still didn't ring the bell who.
I browse further and found his picture. It was him.
I found out yesterday night and had no idea where was the wake, so I decided to go today for his cremation ceremony. Mummy accompanied me to Gui Yuan crematory area.
I use to say Uncle don't smoke la, bad for health.
He said aiya same wan la, smoke or not also someday will pass away.
When this happened, it's so clear in my mind the way he speaks.
I just hope that his family, mrs yeoh and the son would be strong also his mother and father themselves.
Pray that he will rest at peace although he was taken away in a tragedy.
more pictures I saw was on this website :-