Thursday, April 22, 2010

Club Med...begun

It was the exciting moment of mine and it has finally arrived.
I am now in club med as a GO...
it is seriously hardwork and tiring...
no time for most things!
ohh well at least we have fun huh?!?!
I've learn some games in the pool, archery was my first time now i can do it...
golfing...a little...
haven't quite tried the trapeze though..
it would be fun but terribly scary i would say.
I am just happy to be here...
and thank you yayang for coming to see me.
I really appreciate that...
u always light my day despite the miscommunication of my penatness..
every night in club med we have a theme of clothes....
and different coloured t-shirt everyday accompanied with any white bottom skirt@pants..
I gtg again..
time for sailing now~!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Club Med here I come

It's been the moment I've been waiting the most=to go to Club Med..
away from home...away from all the worries.
1week before this my sister left for Melbourne.
Felt so lonely,
then of course there is you that always cheer me up.
I had Alia along thank god!
That same weekend mum's car broke down at somewhere after Jawi!
I was the so called rescuer!
I feel so pity for mum tho,
we're all leaving and I think she feels lonely especially in the nights
but then again,
we're all big girls now we need our own road as well.

5days now you've been away..
I miss him so much,
hopefully my coming off day I can meet you;)
You know how much I'm missing you.
And yes tomorrow I have to drive all by myself to Cherating ,Club Med

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

sewing a shirt dress

I was bored took out the cloth i bought with Avril about almost 2months back....
realize that i should might as well start.
took the rm10 hand sewing machine didn't work well.
I started at 11pm it was about 12.45 when i stopped and guess what?
I only manage to sew 2 un-complete sleeves.
takes forever with hands.
I want to buy a sewing machine to badly.
mana nak beli n how much?
apparently in carrefour pun ada!