Thursday, March 25, 2010

KOPIKO@ Midvalley Carrefour

When you hear the brand KOPIKO , what does it remind you off?
Sweets? True enough they produce sweets but whats new now is....
the KOPIKO Brown Coffee.
This weekend I would be standing at the KOPIKO booth selling
KOPIKO Brown Coffee.
Why is it called from coffee?
because its made with brown sugar.
Brown sugar is made from palm tree.
It is healthier than the regular sugar.
Benefits and advantages of this coffee is that it contains
potassium, magnesium, iron, protein, Vita C, calcium.
It has a lot more of nutrient rather than regular coffee.
This KOPIKO coffee is now 4months in the market and has a good potential of expanding as it has different outstanding ingredients inside rather than the regular coffee.
It's added with creamer which makes it coffee with milk.
Healthy ,yummy and nutritious.


SASHA said...

i did Sunkist over the weekend, but RM70/day at Cold Storage. At least got cute guys, and cuter kids! ;)

bicyclecrazy said...

yea...better huh:)
than CO