Monday, March 29, 2010

2 more assignments then the exam platter

I love this period so much all the while..
the best period of studying is when the exams are on
I don't know why people get so stressed with exams?
I feel relieved like awww finally it's all over.
The results is coming out..
I think this term m not going to be great tho..
somehow I won't be that shit either...
I hope to score at least a 60% for my french paper
this is something i will like to focus on more than others.
I really like french although it's so difficult to remember everything...
but it would be easy when i put my heart into it..1week of intense french that is..
other papers just buck up.
tomorrow would be my presentation for Mr Timo .
Tourist Destination then on Wed Mr boey's presentation then exams
ahhh soooooooo happy ...
why am I so happy?

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