Thursday, October 15, 2009

the heart speaks

All these years my sacrifice...
for what most people see wasn't big...
Never was appreciated..but still I stood..
Over the hills down into the valley
across the stream that never ended
It's alot of effort
but still never once appreciated.
A day has arrived....
where lighting strikes
into the window
where I was sitting
it was a wake up call !
That said...
every dog has its day.
Whether here or there
there would be an end
and end to everything .
Not everyone will see
but its the best to
see it soon.
Life will not wait
as everyone knows..
but every sacrifice
was never appreciated.
All the hardwork has gone to waste.....
down into that dark hole...
After a wake up call
I then realize
it doesn't matter anymore..
every sacrifice was a knowledge,
to learn and experience the best.
I love my life now...
nothing could have ever been better

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