Wednesday, July 1, 2009

5th semester coming up after a lovely weekend

College is starting once again...after a fine weekend has passed .
my teamate@senior@one of the closer ones in the team is finally Married to Kim Ong,
originally from Ipoh a blogger and ofcourse a decent ,elegant yet loving lady.
Congrats To Josiah and Kim!!!
I on the other hand m recovering from flu again,2nd time in this 4weeks~! what a bummer..
everything again i believe happens for a reason.
Cant wait to get back to college ,catch up with friends and quickly graduate from Taylors...
get my DIploma,isnt big but hey...its a stepping stone aite?no?
I am proud to be cycling and also studying...not everyone can manage this...stress of all views but nothing will stop me from my dream...


Anonymous said...

i da delete my blog...tgh create blog baru...ada prob ar blog tu...


Anonymous said...

wish all the best for ur success..
work hard k..

bicyclecrazy said...

so baru nanti bgtau iye