Thursday, June 18, 2009

friends do turn around

I use to think that people say watch out your friend might eat you.
I realise as I get older day by day,
everything seems to make more sense when I age.
I use to not understand or see the importance of why should i train so hard.
but now i do,
time is running up,
I finally have to train hard to be the best or just forget about it for real.
i also realise that nothing else can make me happy,
it's myself..
my achievement is not comparable with any other things in this world.
Every hardwork i put into my daily program, will be worth it.
I think this whole year,
this month is my most enjoyable month so far.
I have no internship, no college just training.
I kind of like this life,
it's only a few hours of toughness and then you get to relax.
working is the wholeday!
college the same,thinking of break in between classes is even worse....
and never trust anyone


sandy said... wil be benefit from ur hardworking at last n dont let fake friends bother u much

bicyclecrazy said...

thanx sandy....
the guys are going to melbourne tuesday

FriceRicePrawn said...

Hey Lobby.. U ok?

=/ U don't really sound that good throughout your other posts lately. But I'm glad that ur enjoying your life now la. I'd love that life too! Keep training hard and don't worry about the others. I'll pray for u. ;)

bicyclecrazy said...

lol...became frice and prawn?lol....thats so funny

FriedRicePrawn said...

OH shit! didnt even notice that.. HAHAHA!