Tuesday, April 28, 2009

After Meeting with John & Kate

It was actually quite a relieve speaking to the both of them.
That there were still people that cared about me, Woman's cycling at least.
I was told to rethink to what I want because
I am at the border of to getting fitter to win or it will be over and too late forever.
At 23 its an age where you have to decide because cycling is a sport where you start fairly late childhood and early teens and excel in your twenties however doesnt even for some.
I'm giving a week to think and really think and decide.
At this moment, I just want to get out there and start riding my bike.
I feel that faster finish studying laah!!!!
but its just a matter of being patient and have the inner self motivation to motivate you.
Tell myself what I want anf go for it...
Many at times I tell my family,I am sick of cycling.so sick so fed up....but its just words from my mouth...inside my heart I love cycling. I started riding my bike with the love for it. I enjoy it...
Everytime I dont ride my bike I feel guilty inside,something is missing.
It's just the situation that makes me feel upset, down feeling, people trying to get rid of me.
I am a successful person in every area that I have involved myself in, in this life of mine.
I would never consider being unsuccessful because I am studying and training.
Are there any other cyclist studying fulltime and riding their bike?
NONE....even if they are, It's in the sports school and mostly when they get into UPM they stop, they quit because of having less time and being threatened to get thrown...or just an immediate action.
What Fairoz said in my earlier comment is so true. Life isnt easy,its tough.
But imagine if I can passover a tough situation,who gets stronger?
It's me...I will be able to face even bigger situation in life.

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