Saturday, December 20, 2008

Everything is Good

Finally internship is over ...everything has came to and end...I am just lying on my bed.
Relaxing nothing at all to worry.Nothing totally my mind is clear.
Although havent been training much i know I'll b all good soon..
I know that there should be time for everything.
however...I hope that our trip to hongkong would be see the French people and everything is just going to be so fun.
My internship was a really great experience for me. I think I m so lucky that i got a nice place and nice people to work with.Teaching me new things.
I really felt sad on the last day of work but just pretended to be strong there...Actually i wanted to cry...
We had a dinner at dad's place ...And after when for movie at one was Beverly hILLS ChiHuaHua... a dog movie that was quite hilarious...
Oh ya they actually bought me a farewell gift was so touching....*sob* .....*sob*
On top of all this i miss my bf...will be seeing him after my trip..*wink*

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ameleea said...

I had such a good time working with were a lot of help to us...keeping us entertained all the time with your sillyness n etc...missed u so much..