Monday, December 8, 2008

dreams that never crossed my mind

I think I am flutter fluttering....
I spend quite abit of time with you
this makes me realise how much i feel
The feelings that i have for you
We have so much in common,
the numbers that match..
I know u think its dumb
but i think its true.
You laugh at me and
still i think its true.
Everything happens for a reason.
Never thought that arguements can turn into love
what is love once again?
understanding and trust makes love
without this feelings only will never make a relationship last
So try understand me as I will try understand you
Make every moment so nice and peaceful
With your smile,
a Smile that brightens me up.
I pray that we will last,
that this feeling will last for as long as it will......
Hopefully u feel the same too.
Miss you heaps tho i just saw you.

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