Saturday, October 11, 2008

in bangkok racing n shopping feels like holiday

Its sunday morning here and I am just sitting in the cc after a long day yesterday..i had qualifying of 3km and finals in the afternoon..then after the point race..seriously I didnt want to come to Bangkok..i am so unfit as i know i havent been doing the required training...
I have been going out sooooo much ....stressed but then again i think i perform better when i do something without any stress...THis trip seriously feels like a holiday...Have to eat out no meals in hotel except for breakfast...lunch n dinner everywhere...I am so lucky that i did a 4.03 in the finals even though i seriously lack of training....Its all in the head now when i think of it how much you can suffer...ofcourse its bad timing but....with the amount of training i had....especially last week...2days out of 7days?lol....
working doing myinternship and have to catch the nice KTM......ofcourse i would be lack of time n rest...but i really like this...I think its very challenging not any basic life where...u do normal routine...for sure it is more than any other regular person that goes to work or just worksout in the gym after work...this reminds me have to get fit more core stability and....what else?
I love this trip so has been the most enjoyable trip of my entire cycling control...but perform when i need to. once again I must thank the divine for giving me the courage and strength to continue all this pressure I m facing with the love of cycling and faith in myself.

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