Thursday, September 18, 2008

exams over but more stress to come

hmm...finally my exams are officially is the part where..i hope i didnt fail la....haiyo...
neway intership starts soon...i m starting my internship on Tuesday which is a okay thing...but then again i have training will have to be awake by 5plus then train at 7am till 9am work at 10am till 6pm? I hope that this works well....i feel so upset that my coach actually mean that i should just stop studying n ride my bike...this is so life on the bike..
I just want a diploma so I can ride in peace..anyway a diploma is nothing but why they make it such a fuss?this is driving me nuts....for heaven sakes...please support me instead of giving negative thoughts....
I must be positive for myself..for my future,I know that i will get there someday.It's just a matter of time ...when will it be.
May God be with me