Monday, August 25, 2008

overall singapore trip

PIcture of everyone but on the left wasnt i figured..he's invisible too? It was taken by Anuar with the nokia extra features.
was a very fun outing...apart frm all the crazy things...went shoping at orchard..spent so much in few hours..took the 8.30am bus from lavendar st/ kallang k.l...took like 6hours with 30mins slow..i thought i was late for class but then again..i wasnt..thought presentation would be on like NOW...but it didnt...anyway thank god coz idid shit work...


we had a new name for adiq...which was 'kenya'lol....he doesnt want to be in the pict...but well..there's a video of how hard is it to get his picture taken~!!!


it's so hilarious...that...we were all laughing so hard...the very next day...

we were talking to danny...another cyclist...i was just sitting with my legs folded to my chest n arms over....i was feeling sick in the stomach but was just holding it being a just came was so embarassing i was looking at everyone like who heard...they thought were among themselves..and it turned out to be i had a new nick name for that day..'purt puurtt'...well i hope it doesnt stay forever~!!!!

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